Virtual Marathons


During the pandemic of 2020 and 2021 26.2 For You went virtual in order for others to join in on racing “together” from all over the country, virtually. A virtual race is completed from any location you choose. You can run/walk on the road, on the trail, or inside on the treadmill. You get to go at your own pace and time it yourself. A virtual race can be completed wherever you want to do it!

You had a certain number of days to run/walk as many miles as you choose. You decided how you wanted to complete all the miles. Each day you ran/walked, you submitted the distance you covered and your time. These live results were posted daily so others could follow along on the virtual leader board. You could even count multiple sessions per day. The goal was to complete 26.2 total miles within a certain number of days. The fastest overall time came in as the leader with the shortest amount of time (days to complete) being the tie breaker. All participants received a medal and a personalized race bib.

The entry fee was $26 and 100% of the entry fee went directly towards the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation.

This virtual races benefited the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation. Collectively over the 5 separate virtual marathons we were able to raise just over $5,000.


Virtual Marathon Results:
Virtual Marathon Challenge #1 – May 7th-20th 2020

Virtual Marathon Challenge #2 – June 13th-25th 2020

Virtual Marathon Challenge #3 – July 18th-30th 2020

Virtual Marathon Challenge #4 – September 15th-29th 2020

Virtual Marathon Challenge #5 – April 10th-22nd 2021

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