Marathon #1 – 26.2 for Dad


My Dad’s Story:

I wanted to start off 26.2 For You running the first marathon for my dad. He is a quiet guy who keeps a lot to himself, especially his health issues, so I won’t go into a ton of detail out of respect for him. I will tell you that he does suffer from colitis and has for a few years now. When I first joined TC in 2010 my dad wasn’t diagnosed or suffering all that much from any related symptoms. It was very shortly after I first became involved with this amazing group of people that my dad started not feeling so well. He wanted to change doctors and I’m so thankful for my TC family who gave him the best recommendations of where to go and who he should see. My dad started going to Brigham and Woman’s – Crohn’s and Colitis Center where I’m so happy to say things changed almost immediately for him. When he went in he was in a full out flare and actually had been for a couple months. He couldn’t and didn’t eat anything but salads. It was all he could tolerate to eat and we knew it wasn’t good. They listened to him and made it a priority to get him feeling better.

The other issue my dad faces is that he has type 2 diabetes and has had it for almost 30 years. Dealing with insulin injections and checking his blood sugar levels multiple times a day is a constant daily ritual for him. Having colitis does not make things any easier and especially when he is in a flare, it is scary for multiple reasons. A lot of the medications for colitis cause his blood sugar levels to spike randomly, so finding the right medication that will not affect his diabetes is tough.

My dad has always been so supportive of everything I do in life and that hasn’t changed when it came to running. I am honored to be able to run this one for him and I’d run a million marathons all for him. I’m happy to say he is feeling much better and his colitis is at bay thanks to those at Brigham and Woman’s Hospital. However, we all know this can change in a heartbeat so I’m happy to be in this fight until we get that cure. I run for my dad and I run for you!

Running 26.2 for Dad!

Marathon 1 – Recap


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