Marathon 1

Arena Attack Indoor Marathon (Hartford, CT)

Marathon 1

Finish Time: 4:36
Pace: 10:32
Temp: 70 degrees
Conditions: Indoors, climate controlled
Run For: Dad


130 laps around the concourse of the XL Center (formerly the Hartford Civic Center) 26.2 miles of left hand turn after left hand turn. If you think that sounds monotonous and boring, well you are right. This was a very tough marathon to run physically and mentally and it was definitely a struggle. The Arena Attack Series is great group of races put on by the nicest group of very organized people. This was one of the smoothest races I’ve run and that was a huge help considering the logistics of that many people running that many laps in such a small area. The highlight of today was meeting a woman whose daughter has Crohn’s and being able to chat a little during the run, all because I was wearing the highly visible orange TC singlet.

Even though it was a tough day, I managed to push through and get the first marathon of “26.2 For You” in the books. I was honored to start this amazing journey by pairing this first one with my dad’s story. Time to rest and recover to get ready to take on another indoor marathon next weekend! I actually picked these two indoor marathons so I could get in the races here in the New England winter without having to worry about January weather. I’m starting to question this decision, especially since they are back to back. To be perfectly honest, I’d run 130,000 laps if it meant we could get cures faster! This one was for you Dad!

Thank you to all for the support and encouragement! Seeing all the comments on my dad’s post meant a lot and I truly appreciate each of them!! This is a team effort and I know for a fact I could not do any of this without all of you… so THANK YOU!!

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