Marathon #26 – 26.2 for You


The last marathon, this one is going to be slightly different. This 26.2 is going to be run for YOU!
So far, I’ve shared 25 stories, from 25 IBD Warriors talking about how they have dealt with and battled Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. Their inspirational stories have played an integral role in raising awareness over the past year. They also helped motivate me to run a marathon for each of them. Since starting this marathon journey I’ve heard more stories, I’ve met more people battling IBD, I’ve met more caregivers, I’ve met many more people affected by these terrible diseases. That is why this marathon, the last one, number 26, is going to be run for them, run for the many of you I still know who fight, who suffer, who need a cure. I am running this one for those of you who have a loved one, a close friend, or someone you just met that is fighting IBD. This is for everyone out there who is affecting in some way, any way, by IBD.
This journey started out as 26.2 For You, because I wanted to make this about you, not about me. YOU, the ones whose stories should be shared and can be used to help spread awareness about what many go through. So many also suffer in silence and I want to help change that and show them that they are not alone, they are never alone. There are others who have gone through tough times, but refused to give up. They still pushed through and did not let this disease control their life. That is who this last marathon is for. This is about you, all of you and that is why number 26 is for ALL of you!
I’m running 26.2 for YOU!
Of the 25 marathons, I’ve run some marathons completely alone, some with a small group, some with a larger group, and even one (Chicago) with 44,500 of my closest friends. Tomorrow I’m not just going to run 26.2 for you, I’m going to run 26.2 WITH you! I’m excited to run some of the miles with Team Challenge New England as they train to run a half marathon in Austin, TX in February. I’ll also get to run with past alumni and friends that want to come join me. There are also many from across the country that are going to join in, running virtually from their area. We are all going to be running together. Not running alone, but running as one!
You may feel alone with your battle but I can tell you that you are not, you are never alone. You have so many people fighting alongside of you, all with the same goal in mind, a cure!
This marathon is going to be for you!

Running 26.2 for You!

Marathon 26 – Recap

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