Marathon #29 – 26.2 for Tiffany


Tiffany’s Story:

I have been diagnosed with Crohn’s disease for almost 19 years now…  over half of my life!  I went from medication to medication for years, and then in 2006 I had surgery.  I was getting through life because of prednisone…  and I somehow convinced my doctors to let me graduate college before the surgery.  Two days after receiving my college diploma I had 18 inches of my small intestine and 3 inches of my colon removed.  I never really felt better after the surgery, so then came more medication.  I’ve had more colonoscopies than I can count, endoscopies, MRIs, CT Scans, breath tests, etc.  I have taken steroids, suffered inner ear inflammation (resulting in vertigo and hearing loss), a GI bleed, blood transfusions, liquid diets, rectal surgeries, suffered from anorexia (fear of eating), suffered hair loss, had bacteria overgrowth in my small bowel, dealt with anxiety and depression, and a bowel obstruction.

Five years ago tragedy struck.  One of my buddies, Brian was diagnosed with a rare form of lymphoma directly related to a Crohn’s medication.  He fought for around 3 months before he passed.  I knew I had to do more so, I signed up for my first Team Challenge event.  I told Brian about it before he passed and he was excited for me, even though I was never a runner.  I downloaded the couch 2 5K app and completed my first half marathon with TC November 2014.  Since then, I have been a mentor with TC, I’ve completed numerous half marathons, and I’ve done all of this outside of remission.  Three years ago I was finally remission and it was AMAZING!!!  I tried to take advantage by doing my first full marathon (March 2018) and then I overcame my fear of water and completed 2 triathlons during the summer.  I couldn’t have done this without my #TCFamily!!!  I met Marc on my marathon journey which has meant so much to me…  now he is stuck with me for life!  Hahaha!

I’m currently no longer in remission, and that’s ok.  I mean, I’m devastated, but I know that I have my friends, family and #TCFamily to support me and get me through it.  My network has expanded through TC which has only fueled my passion to continue my journey in finding a cure.  I’ve been a top 10 fundraiser for the past 3 years, which is pretty amazing since I also participate in Take Steps and Spin4…  that should give you an idea of how many great people surround me!  My next TC event is in May, when I race in orange with the San Diego team while we hike Zion and my tenth event will be back where it all started, in Las Vegas!!!!

Running 26.2 for Tiffany!

Marathon 29 – Recap

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