Marathon #62 – 26.2 for Kailey


Kailey’s Story:

Kailey was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease her junior year of high school. By the time she figured out what was wrong, she became anemic and was hospitalized for a blood transfusion. While trying to balance a normal high school life while having hospital visits monthly and sometimes weekly, the beginning of her Crohn’s journey was a difficult one. She struggled with mornings where she couldn’t get out of bed and days where she struggled to have energy.

Things changed when a classmate of hers reached out to her that had the same diagnosis. It was then Kailey realized how important it was to not feel alone during that time. When she got to college, she co-led a support group for people with Crohn’s and Colitis with a friend she had met while receiving her infusion. It has become her passion to reach out to others going through the same struggle.

Marathon #62 – Recap

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