Marathon 9

Martha’s Vineyard Marathon (Martha’s Vineyard, MA)


Finish Time: 3:59
Pace: 9:09
Temp: 50 degrees
Conditions: Windy and Rain
Run For: Jordyn


It was a very early start to the day, with a trip on the ferry over to Martha’s Vineyard for the 2nd Annual Martha’s Vineyard Marathon. There forecast called for rain, but not until later in the morning so it was cool and overcast to start the race. For those that don’t know, Martha’s Vineyard is one of the two larger islands south of Cape Cod and is a popular summer vacation spot only accessible by boat or small plane. If you remember the movie Jaws, it was filmed on Martha’s Vineyard in 1975. It is a really cool and fun place to be with the gingerbread cottages, small shops, and that overall small town Cape feeling. Heading over there for a marathon was something that excited me and I had been looking forward to doing this race.

The first half of the marathon runs along the paved paths through the state forest before heading down into Edgartown. It was quiet and peaceful during this section and it just felt so calming running through the stillness of the woods. Around mile 17 we turned onto Katama Rd. before heading up Beach Rd. This was on the eastern coast side of the island and along the water where the less than ideal weather finally showed up. The wind was blowing and the rain was falling from this point up until the finish. This was the toughest part of the race where it started to get a little cold and raw. A cool part before the finish was when we crossed over the famous “Jaws” bridge before finishing in Oak Bluffs. The temperature was cool and the wind and rain made the second half tough, but overall it was a good race and I felt comfortable the whole time (thanks Tailwind). My body is starting to get used to running 26.2 miles so often and nothing really bothers me at all at this point.

I couldn’t have been happier to run a marathon on May 19th which is World IBD Day. I was also happy to run this one for my friend Jordyn. I met Jordyn a few years ago when she did her first Team Challenge event and have seen her become a part of this family firsthand. She made friends and fit in to this IBD community immediately because she was with people who “get it” and “got her,” understanding what she goes through on a daily basis. Jordyn dealt with some setbacks and injury issues while training, but her attitude and determination allowed her to run and finish, smiling the whole way. I’ve had the pleasure of running with her during training as well as on the race course and it’s always something I look forward to. We talk about all kinds of things and always laugh and have a great time.

Thank you so much Jordyn! It means a lot to me to do this and have people like you who allow me to share your story. Marathon #9 is complete! This 26.2 was for you Jordyn! 26.2 For You!

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