Marathon 8

Providence Marathon (Providence, RI)

Marathon 8

Finish Time: 4:09
Pace: 9:30
Temp: 65 degrees
Conditions: Cloudy and Humid
Run For: Marisa


Today was the Providence Marathon and it was a little warm and muggy for the 7:30 start. The forecast called the possibility of rain, but unfortunately that did not happen and it just stayed overcast and muggy. I felt pretty good the first half of the race, but I’m pretty sure I felt the previous 7 marathons in my legs on the second half. It was great to see some familiar faces out there today running and cheering. The Providence Marathon course has some hills in the beginning but on the back half there is a stretch along the water that is just so flat. This part of the race is hard because it is just completely flat and I was feeling it on this section. However, the highlight of the day came at mile 25 when just as I passed the mile marker sign someone thanked me for running for those with Crohn’s and colitis. I was wearing my orange singlet and she told me she ran Vegas for TC a few years back. She was excited to see a TC runner out there today and had to say thank you to me. I got instant chills that lasted the entire last mile. It was a huge lift at just the right time for one last push towards the finish line.

I ran today’s marathon for Marisa. I had the pleasure of meeting Marisa when she ran the Shipyard Half Marathon in Portland Maine a few years ago, with Team Challenge. Marisa has dealt with Ulcerative Colitis and the other health issues that prevented her from experiencing the typical college life. She has had ups and downs, but she never gave up or gave in. She is one of the most determined people I have ever met. It’s a fairly quiet determination where she takes on those obstacles put in her way and she overcomes them, every single time. During her training for the half marathon she dealt with some knee pain, but she calmly addressed it and ran smart and it didn’t hold her back. Marisa is a hard worker and is just so determined to be successful no matter what life throws at her. I’m so glad she found Team Challenge and was able to run with the New England team that summer a few years back. I feel very fortunate to call her a friend and I was honored to be able to run for her and share her story. Since I met her she really has come a long and I can’t wait to see what she will do in the near future. 26.2 For You is about running and sharing the stories of IBD Warriors and Marisa is one of the most determined IBD Warriors I know. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your journey.

Running 26 marathons in 1 year is not about speed! It’s about maintaining and staying healthy to make sure I can complete all 26. Time is just a number and at the end of the day, I ran number 8 and I am feeling tired and sore, but good. I never know what to expect during each marathon but it’s amazing what you feel when you pull on that singlet or shirt that has the Team Challenge logo on it. Team Challenge gives my running a purpose, it’s not just me out there alone, it’s my entire TC family and support system pushing me through each and every mile. Together we will get to the finish line and I’m going to do all I can to help get us there soon!

Thank you Marisa, for all you do and thank you everyone for your messages and encouragement with each of the marathons. It means so much and it helps more than you know. Marathon #8 is done! This 26.2 was for you Marisa! 26.2 For You!

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