Marathon 64

Strava Marathon (Wellesley, MA)



Finish Time: 3:58
Pace: 9:05
Temp: 51
Conditions: Cloudy, Rain off and on  
Run For: Joan


Where to even start with this one…

Here is how it all went down. Let me preface this by explaining a situation to you. Something that happens every so often when people find out how many marathons I’ve run. The question that I get asked the most is always, “What is your favorite one?” This is always a very hard question to answer because I don’t specifically have a clear favorite. There are many that I have run that I enjoyed for a variety of different reasons. The Boston Marathon is definitely a favorite because it is truly a special marathon. But, after thinking about how I should truthfully answer this question I think I’ve figured it out.

My favorite marathon is always the one I just ran, the last one, whether it was yesterday or three months ago. Whether it went well or if the wheels fell completely off, the answer is always going to be the one I just did. I love running 26.2 miles and I really don’t have a single favorite race, I love them all and getting to experience running a marathon, solo or with 50,000 other crazy runners, is one of my favorite things to do.

I can also tell you this, I really look forward to the next marathon too. So, to answer the question, which marathon is my favorite? The one I just ran is my favorite and I’m really excited for the one I’m going to run next.   

Now, back to what happened on Marathon Monday (Patriot’s Day here in Boston, but always the day of the Boston Marathon).

There is a huge difference between running a marathon inside, all by yourself, on the treadmill in the basement and running a marathon with others, especially the Boston Marathon. My original plan was to run a marathon for Penney, which I did on Sunday, her birthday and that was pretty special for many reasons (check out her story to see why). I hadn’t planned on running another 26.2 miles the day after Penney’s 26.2 but let’s just say I kind of got caught up in the excitement of the day.

I’ve been lucky enough to run the Boston Marathon four times but the years I haven’t run I’ve made it a point to head out and cheer on those who are running. If you have never gone to watch the marathon, at any point along the course, you are missing out on something special. It’s hard not to be inspired, be in awe, and just be amazed at what you are seeing. The experience is pretty amazing for non-runners, but it’s almost magical for those who are runners.

On Monday morning I got to Wellesley (mile 13 on the course) in time to watch the elites come through, however, I got the start times mixed up so I was an hour early and had some time to kill. As a runner I figured going for a run would be a great way to pass the time and how could you not want to run around on part of the marathon course before all the runners show up. I ended up covering quite a few miles running back and forth along that stretch of the course between Natick and Wellesley and actually ran into some friends volunteering at water stops. I was feeling all the feels of the marathon and the energy of what was coming had me feeling that runners high and then the idea hit me. I was already covering quite a few miles; the marathon was happening and I got caught up in the moment. Penney’s story was just as much about her mom as it was about her, so Joan should get her own marathon as well. Two people, one intertwined story so two marathons on back-to-back days with this second one being at the Boston Marathon on Marathon Monday! It was too good to pass up.

I spent the day running around, stopping to cheer then running around again. Did I mention it was also raining at times during the morning and early afternoon? For those that don’t know, I love running in the rain! There is just something about it that makes it great and I truly enjoy it. So, throw the rain into the atmosphere and I was all in for running another 26.2 miles in and around Wellesley while the marathon was happening. It was an opportunity and experience unlike anything else I have done and I’m so glad it worked out.

Flash forward to Tuesday as I write this recap and my legs are sore, my body is tired but my heart is full. A huge congrats to all those who ran the 127th Boston Marathon yesterday, it was awesome to be there cheering you on as you took on an incredible race. It was great to experience the race in this way and to honor Joan as I covered 26.2 miles yesterday.

About 30,000 runners received a medal for their accomplishments over the weekend and I feel Joan and Penney deserve medals for all they have endured as well. It was the least I could do, running for each of them, helping raise awareness, sharing their story. It was a busy, running-filled weekend but worth it in the end. Another marathon covered with 26.2 For You as we make our way closer to 100.

So the question is.. Was this one my favorite marathon I’ve run? Yes, it was… but I’m excited for the next one! 26.2 For You pushes on! Thank you, Penney and Joan.    

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