Marathon 5

Savin Rock Marathon (West Haven, CT)

Marathon 5a

Finish Time: 4:19
Pace: 9:54
Temp: 48 degrees
Conditions: Dry and Partly Cloudy
Run For: Karen


With running, there are good days and there are bad days. Ask any runner and they will tell you how some days it feels easy and others it can feel so hard. I wouldn’t say today was a bad day, but it was definitely a hard one. I had a really hard time physically and mentally with this marathon. Running 26 marathons isn’t going to be easy and I am well aware that some runs are just going to be hard. Today was one of those…

Around mile 8, I was spent, I really wanted to stop and that it was is way too early in a marathon to be having those feelings. Mentally I had a hard time, I was trying to focus then I tried to get lost in thought, really just looking to find a way to get through the remaining 18 miles. Today wasn’t a bad day, because I did finish and that is always good, but it just wasn’t easy. I thought a lot about Karen’s “bad day” and how today doesn’t even compare. I knew the marathon was going to end, I’d be done and I’d be able to stop running, rest and feel better. Karen was literary in a fight for her life and she couldn’t stop, quit or give up. That just wasn’t an option and people suffering from Crohn’s and colitis face hard days all too often. Not only did I think of Karen, but I thought about everyone I know from Team Challenge that fights each and every day. They have good days, bad day, easy days and hard days, but they always fight and battle. I know I wouldn’t have finished if I didn’t have all of you out there with me today. Team Challenge has brought the most amazing people into my life. They inspire me with their determination, courage and refuse to quit attitude. It is really like nothing else I have ever seen and Karen exemplifies that like no one else. It doesn’t matter how fast or how far you go, you are out there on the roads (running or cycling) refusing to let Crohn’s and colitis win. If you have done Team Challenge you know exactly what I mean! If you haven’t done an event, join now and come see what you are missing! It is amazing and the people are unreal!

I am so inspired by all of my TC friends and family. You have no idea how much it helps, especially when I’m having a tough day. 26.2 for you has seriously become something so much more than me running. I’m sharing stories of those who suffer, yet fight with all they have to not let these diseases control them. Sometimes it’s tough, but I know they are tougher, I’ve see it over and over again. It is that drive to be tougher that inspires me more than you know. I can honestly say that this journey in 2018 would not be possible without all of my TC family. Each and every one of you are my heroes. So thank you Karen, and thank you every one for all you do for me. I will never stop fighting with you! I am truly honored to be involved with Team Challenge and to have you all in my life!

Marathon #5 is done and I can’t wait for #6, good or bad, bring it on! THANK YOU Karen for allowing me to share your story and for being my IBD hero. 26.2 For You! This 26.2 was for you Karen!

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