Marathon 3

Strava Marathon (Bellingham, MA)

Marathon 3

Finish Time: 3:55
Pace: 8:59
Temp: 35 degrees
Conditions: Rain, Wind and Cold
Run For: Sydney


High 30’s, constant rain, some wind and some very wet shoes all equals a tough and very cold day. Now, I like running in the rain, but when it never really hit 40 degrees it makes for a long day. Other than the weather not being ideal, like Saturday was, I felt really good and was able to run a pretty steady and comfortable pace for this marathon. I put on my watch and basically ran some out and backs and some smaller loops around my house, using the house as a water stop. I changed gloves 4 times which helped not having the same one soaked pair the whole time.

As nasty as the weather was, I’m glad I was able to get out and run this marathon today. Like those dealing with Crohn’s and colitis, they really have no choice when it comes to battling each and every day. If the day isn’t ideal it doesn’t matter. They have to tough it out and push through, giving up is not an option and putting life off until tomorrow just can’t happen. I draw some much strength from those who suffer and I am constantly thinking of you when I am out there running. This marathon ended today and I can rest now, but their struggle doesn’t end. I will never stop fighting alongside all of you until you are able to rest. That cure is coming and relief is in sight so keep fighting and keep being the amazing and inspiring IBD warriors that you are.

Having these diseases as a child or teenager is hard and I know Sydney has been through a lot at such a young age. I was honored to be able to share her story for Marathon #3 and THANK YOU Tanya and Rich for allowing me to do so. I am proud to call you two friends and happy to know you are a huge part of this TC Family! Thank you for being so strong with all that you have gone through!! You inspire more people than you know! This one was for you Sydney!

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