Marathon 20

Clarence DeMar Marathon (Keene, NH)


Finish Time: 4:19
Pace: 8:57
Temp: 50 degrees
Conditions: Cold and Foggy 
Run For: Sarah


The New Hampshire weekend tour is now complete, 8 hours 13 minutes, 52.4 miles and 2 marathons later. Running back to back marathons is tough, mainly because my legs were already tired from the first 26.2 miles. To be perfectly honest, I actually felt more comfortable running than I did walking or not doing anything at all. It took about 5 minutes of running to get the general soreness out before I got into the groove and felt comfortable again. It might have also helped that the first few miles were slightly downhill and on a new freshly paved road. I went out feeling really good, almost better than I thought and decided to just go with it until I started to feel tired before slowing down. This plan changed around mile 6, as I could feel a blister forming on the side/bottom of my left foot. There wasn’t much I could do about it so I tried to ignore it and just push on for as long as I could. I was able to occupy my mind for some more miles, mainly thinking about Sarah and Heather. I kept going over their stories and what they have gone through with Crohn’s disease. A blister is nothing compared to dealing with an incurable disease. Around the half way point of the marathon I decided to back off the pace and just concentrate on finished without make the blister worse than it already was. Because of the location on my foot, I felt I was starting to alter my running gait at the quicker pace, so backing off speed allowed me make sure I didn’t hurt anything else during the final stretch of the marathon. The downhills actually bothered it the most, so after pushing through those, I knew I would be able to finish feeling good. I took it easy and other than the blister I felt great and really enjoyed being out there running on another great fall day. I’ve said it before, this marathon, especially the first half is a beautiful course, running alongside a river running next to the road for the first 6 miles and then getting a gorgeous view running at the Surry Recreational Dam in the town of Surry, NH. It is classic New England roads weaving through the woods and it’s just so peaceful and serene.

After I crossed the finish line, I was finally able to take off my sneakers and address the blister. I’ll spare you the pictures, but the blister was about as big as New Hampshire itself. I was able to take care of it and after a day or two to allow it to heal; I’ll be back running just in time for the Chicago Marathon next weekend.

It breaks my heart to see children suffer from these diseases, like Sarah. She is just a kid, but Crohn’s disease makes her have to deal with grown up situations at a very young age. Sarah, luckily, hasn’t had to deal with it for that long, but the reality is that she has a long uncertain road ahead. Running marathon after marathon is how I’m trying to change that and bring some certainty to this. I pray we have cure within Sarah’s lifetime and that she will not have to spend her entire life dealing with Crohn’s disease. I am so thankful that both Heather and Sarah found Team Challenge and continue to both play a key role with Team New England. Sarah has been our honored hero and she is a natural being someone to help motive and inspire. When she comes to training’s or any team events she’s the life of the party and doesn’t allow her disease to control her life, she still acts like a kid and takes it all in stride. This is evident where she is smiling while getting her Remicade treatment in the picture with her story.

Heather and Sarah, I am so honored to be able to run a marathon for each of you and share both of your stories. Knowing the two of you and having you as friends inspires me to no end to keep doing all I can until we get that cure. I’d run 100 marathons if it meant we would get that cure tomorrow. Until them I know you guys will keep fighting so I’m happy to be right by your side the entire time. I’m so happy to have you be a part of this TC family and I can’t thank you enough for all you do. Thank you for being my motivation and my inspiration this weekend as I ran around in New Hampshire.

Thank you Sarah for being my hero and for being as strong as you are! Thank you for being our honored hero and inspiring a whole team all running for a cure.

Marathon #20 is done! Today’s 26.2 was for you Sarah! 26.2 For You!

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