Marathon 2

Arena Attack Indoor Marathon (Amherst, MA)

Marathon 2

Finish Time: 4:22
Pace: 10:00
Temp: 70 degrees
Conditions: Indoors, climate controlled
Run For: Timmy


What’s better than 130 laps around the concourse of a small ice arena in Connecticut? How about 133 laps around a slightly smaller ice arena in Massachusetts? After last week I pretty much knew what was in store for today’s indoor marathon and I felt I did a better job mentally preparing for this one. When it did get a little tough, I thought about Timmy and how he won’t give up, he doesn’t give up, he just pushes through any adversity…and he is just a kid! If Timmy can do it when it comes to his life, then I can do it running. Running a marathon is nothing compared to dealing with Crohn’s or colitis every single day. Timmy is a true hero in my book and I am his biggest fan! It was only fitting that I ran a lot of laps around an ice rink for this marathon. Timmy is a hockey goalie so it just seemed right to have this second one be paired up with him.

This whole 26.2 For You really is more about all of you than about me. Yes, I am running a lot of miles, but it is the least I can do for those who suffer. Running is what I do and it’s what I know I can do. I will run to raise funds and awareness and I will never stop running for all of you. I draw so much strength and inspiration from my TC family! Thank you for all your support and for all the nice messages you have been sending my way. I keep saying it because it’s true, but I couldn’t even dream of doing something like this without all of you. Thank you so much and THANK YOU Kouri and Stevie for allowing me to share Timmy’s story. Marathon #2 is officially done. This one was for you Timmy!

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