Marathon 19

New Hampshire Marathon (Bristol, NH)


Finish Time: 3:54
Pace: 8:57
Temp: 55 degrees
Conditions: Perfect Day 
Run For: Heather


Running today was about as good as it gets in New England. The weather was absolutely perfect, nice and cool with just the right amount of clouds for a good mix of shade and sun. Running felt really good today and my body just felt comfortable the entire way. Right from the start of the race things just went well and I didn’t feel tired or winded. I was able to cruise through the first half of the race and was actually a little quicker than I probably should have been going. Around mile 15 I backed off the pace and made sure I took it easy, knowing I was going to run another 26.2 tomorrow. Running easy when it already feels easy makes for a great race and besides being a little stiff from sitting in the car the long drive home, I feel ready to go again.

Heather asked herself why I wanted to share her story, thinking it was too simple, having not had any surgeries or overnight stays at the hospital. I asked Heather if I could share her story for a couple of reasons. For one, these diseases are so unique to everyone and what one person goes through doesn’t mean the next person will go through the same thing. That being said, the same can be said for treatments and medications. What works for one person might not work for another. It is true that Heather hasn’t had to endure what some others have and she is very lucky for that, but because she has been ok we all know that can change in a heartbeat. This was one of the main reasons I wanted to share her story, because she is a ray of hope for those who haven’t been so lucky. Knowing Heather has Crohn’s disease but isn’t constantly sick is proof that it can get better and they too may soon be just like Heather. The second reason I asked Heather to share her story is because of her daughter Sarah. I don’t have kids, but I know a lot of you who are following along with these stories do. Last year when Heather’s “word came crashing down” was something I wanted and needed to share with everyone. For Heather to have Crohn’s disease and experience what she has experienced to then be told “your child has Crohn’s Disease” is something I have no words for.

Heather will say she doesn’t think of herself as strong, but she is incredibly strong. I’ve seen it firsthand, physically and with her relentless attitude. Heather will do everything in her power for all her kids and Sarah is lucky enough to have her mom run half marathons and be one of Team Challenge’s biggest advocates. Having both Heather and Sarah as friends makes me so happy. They are two awesome people and the impact of what they went through last year in something no one should ever have to hear or deal with. I have no doubts that when it get a cure it’ll be in large part due to Heather’s strength and fight. It will also be because of all the things Sarah is going to do as she gets older and continues to be the warrior that she is. She is already a hero to so many, including me!

One marathon done today for Heather, another one coming up tomorrow for Sarah! Thank you Heather for allowing me share not only your story and Sarah’s, but your whole families story. Crohn’s disease don’t just affect you and Sarah, it has a large impact on your entire family. I am happy to continue to fight alongside you until we get that cure. I won’t stop until we do, and I know you won’t either.

This 26.2 today was for you Heather! 26.2 For You!

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