Marathon 16

TC Group Marathon 2 (S. Boston, MA)


Finish Time: 3:40
Pace: 8:26
Temp: 88 degrees
Conditions: Humid and Hot 
Run For: Mary Beth


Running a marathon in August, in the heat and humidity is hard. I have always struggled with running in these kinds of conditions, so I knew this run today was going to be tough. The morning actually started out with some overcast and the slight threat of rain which made it a little cool, but humidity was still at 100%. There was a gentle breeze on the causeway side of the loop at Castle Island but no breeze at all on the other. I was joined for the beginning of this marathon by some of my TC family, Steve, Leslie and Laura. Having them join me for some of the early miles helped and I’m so lucky to have such a great support network with some great friends. I later had Nikki and Nina come to cheer me on as I completed more and more loops around Pleasure Bay. Around mile 8 of this marathon the clouds cleared and the sun came out, which was going to make the remaining miles hard. It got hot quick and the lack of a breeze on the back section of the loop, made for some tough later miles. I have this mantra I use when I know things are going to get tough, “This is nothing compared to Crohn’s and colitis” I draw so much strength from those who suffer and fight these diseases and today I thought a lot about Mary Beth’s story. I just kept repeating that mantra and thinking about how many people have it so hard. Running for the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation and for those who battle is such a huge motivator. I know I couldn’t do any this on my own without this support.

I met Mary Beth at one of the very first Team Challenge info meetings I attended in 2010 when I first got involved with the organization. I was introduced to her and she was immediately so open and honest about her disease back them. I clearly remember she asked me what I wanted to know and didn’t hesitate for a second to tell me about her life with Crohn’s. She was easily one of the nicest people I met and for her to take the time to tell me all I wanted to know meant so much to me. To be honest, this is actually a very common occurrence that has happened and still happens with the more people I meet through Team Challenge. People willing to share their stories and talk about their experiences is so important and Mary Beth demonstrated this right from the beginning.

That first season of Team Challenge was something I found incredibly inspiring and it included so many first time experiences for me. Mary Beth played an integral part of the New England team that year, which was 124 teammates strong! During the inspirational pasta party dinner the night before the event that season we were all fortunate enough to hear Mary Beth share her story being the speaker that night. Her speech was powerful and so moving and personally there were large parts of it that have stuck with me to this day. Mary Beth kindly emailed her speech to me the other day and I was surprised that I pretty much remembered some of what she said almost word for word. Her speech was moving and what she said still rings true today. I was so thankful to be able to read it again before running Marathon #16 for her. Her speech helped motivate and inspire a giant group of people to run for a cure and eight years later it again helped one more person to run and keep pushing no matter how tough it gets.

I consider Mary Beth a great friend who I consider to be so strong and kind. Knowing I was going to be running marathons and sharing stories, honoring those who I admire, there was never a doubt I wanted to run for  Mary Beth. She made my first season of Team Challenge one I’ll never forget and something that has changed my life forever. I am so grateful for her friendship and her support along this journey. It is people like Mary Beth that make me want to do all I possibly can so we can get that cure as fast as possible.

Thank you Mary Beth for sharing your story for all those who are following along with this challenge! You are easily one of my hero’s and I’m honored to be able to run for you. Thank you for everything!

Marathon #16 is complete and it was hard, but nothing compared to these diseases! This 26.2 was for you Mary Beth! 26.2 For You!


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