Marathon 14

Strava Marathon (Bellingham, MA)


Finish Time: 3:37
Pace: 8:19
Temp: 83 degrees
Conditions: Sunny and Humid
Run For: Addy


IDB can affect anyone and it doesn’t care how old you are, young or old, 1.6 million American’s are diagnosed.   Addy is one of many and was only 9 years old when she was diagnosed. I hate to see people who suffer from these diseases, but when kids, like Addy, have to deal with pain, discomfort and all the other horrible, it breaks my heart. Many children are forced to deal with adult situations when it comes to Crohn’s and colitis, instead of just being able to just be a kid. Addy has dealt with her Crohn’s for 4 years and if you are following the foundation on Facebook you have no doubt seen here posts before. She has been an honored hero for the Northwest team as well as the national teams. As the cycle coach of our National Cycle Team, we’ve been lucky to have Addy be our honored hero for multiple seasons. Her strength and determination is second to none and her openness about her disease is so admirable. Most kids her age don’t want to talk about what they go through or are so willing to share their story. In school and on the Team Challenge social media platforms, Addy has been so open about her experiences which she hopes will allow others, especially kids her age to feel more comfortable about what they are going through. Nicole, Addy’s mom, who not only works for the foundation, but she is the biggest supporter of her daughter. She has run and cycled multiple events for Team Challenge and we have talked on more than one occasion about Addy’s story. I maybe much taller and much older than Addy, but I can tell you for certain that I look up to her. She is my hero and such an inspiration to me.

Today’s marathon went better than I thought, even though I might not have prepared how I should have leading up to it. I was tired, not fully hydrated and didn’t eat how I should have the day before, so I didn’t know what to expect. The weather was cool in the morning but still humid and then the temperature rose fairly quickly. To help save my legs from the constant pounding on the hard pavement, I spent a good number of miles on some trails near my house, which is always something I enjoy. Running on trails in the woods is always something I find to be so peaceful so this was nice to be able to do for this marathon. I also noticed my pace on the roads was a little quicker than I should have been going so hitting the trails help slow me down a little.

Surprisingly I felt really good for the first 20 miles before really starting to feel it for the last 6. I just restocked my supply of Tailwind for the second half of 26.2 For You and it couldn’t have come at a better time. At mile 20 I was tired and really starting to struggle physically which always makes the mental aspect of finishing hard. I remember that I had ordered some Tailwind with caffeine, so I made a course change to run back home to mix up a bottle. This bottle did the trick and got me feeling much better and I was able to finish and finish strong. I honestly think it was a combined effort of Tailwind and running for Addy that got me through Marathon #14 today.

14 marathons, 366.8 miles, 59 hours and 40 minutes of running are done! We have raised over $17,000 (including the $10,000 from Planet Fitness). All this is great but it’s still not a cure, so we must keep going! I will continue to run for Addy and those who fight because I know they won’t quit. They will keep going and fighting until we can get a cure.

Thank you Addy for allowing me to share your story and to run a marathon for you! You are incredibly brave and strong, yet still so sweet and nice despite all you have gone through. Keep being the TC champion and inspiration that you are to so many, including me. Happy 13th birthday today!!

Marathon #14 is officially done! This birthday 26.2 was for you Addy! 26.2 For You!

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