Marathon 13

Strava Marathon (Wrentham, MA)


Finish Time: 3:39
Pace: 8:22
Temp: 89 degrees
Conditions: Clear and Sunny 
Run For: Nikki


Today’s marathon was number 13 which marks the halfway point. I have known Nikki for quite a while now and met her during a group training with Team Challenge on a Saturday morning years ago. Nikki is always so nice and so supportive and her endless encouragement and just overall positive attitude is something I appreciate about her so much. Even when she isn’t participating in a TC event you can find her volunteering at water stop during a group training, helping to support those who are.

The temperature to start today’s marathon was nice and cool, around 60 degrees but it quickly warmed up when I finished it was 90. I’ve never ran well in the heat and humidity and usually suffer in these conditions, however this past week had been so hot and so humid I felt like I was ready. Since last weekend I ran in some of the hottest most humid conditions I’ve ever run in, so today was really no different.

I started out easy and picked up my pace during the middle miles before slowing down slightly near the end. For the Strava, self-timed marathons I wear my GPS but I don’t try to hold a certain pace or aim for a specific finish time. I just run based on feel and go with what the day brings. I felt surprising good today and really enjoyed being out early in the morning on what turned out to just be a beautiful sunny day. I really had no idea how I would feel at the halfway point of this challenge but I’m happy to say that I feel great and healthy. Nothing hurts at all and nothing is sore, so fingers crossed I continue to keep progressing through the remaining marathons feeling healthy and strong. Those who are battling Crohn’s and colitis don’t always feel healthy and strong so the fact that I do, means I won’t stop pushing myself for those who can’t. The ultimate goal is that we get a cure and no one will have to feel weak or sick. It makes me so happy to know I’m not in this fight alone and I’m part of a huge group of the most awesome and inspiring people.

Thank you Nikki for all that you do. You are one of my inspirations and a great friend. Thank you for allowing me to share your story and to run a marathon for you!

Marathon #13 is complete, and I’m half way done! This 26.2 was for you Nikki! 26.2 For You!

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